The Estate and its tenants farm the land and look after its woodlands.



The Estate supports a number of farms on land that is a mixture of arable and pasture, from light loam in the south to London clay in the north.


The Estate manages several farms itself following the latest regenerative approaches with less intensive production, fewer chemicals, and greater protection and reinstatement of hedgerows. All of which encourages increased biodiversity and higher sustainability.


The Estates in hand farms encompass dairy, beef and arable production.


A number of farms are let, with tenants producing grain and dairy, and raising a variety of livestock for beef, poultry (including turkeys), lamb and pork – sold locally and nationally.



Tom Carr, Farm Manager at Southwick Estate
Tom Carr





The Estate forms part of the ancient Forest of Bere, a royal hunting park.


The Estate manages 1,500 acres of woodland much of which was planted to provide timber for the ships used in the Napoleonic wars. Many of the woods are ancient woodlands or plantations on ancient woodland. This makes for a very stable soil and environment in which diverse flora and fauna thrives, including orchids on woodland drives, insects on the forest floor and native nesting birds such as the nightingale.
Oak and ash predominate although the latter has been affected by ash die back and is being replaced by a broader range of native broadleaf species.
We actively manage our woodland for the benefit of the natural landscape and ecosystem using techniques to preserve old woodland banks, pits and hollows and ancient burial grounds.


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